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Thank you for embarking on this wonderful journey with ANA Business Flyers!
It is ANA Business Flyers’ pleasure to be of service throughout this time.
ANA Business Flyers is now only available for existing customers who applied before 21st February 2020.

  • For existing customers
    • ANA Business Flyers’ benefits will continue until the end of your existing contract
    • For customers with contracts qualifying for renewal, please refer to the table below on your future renewal status
Current Contract End Date To Be Renewed If Qualified?
On / Before 29th February 2020 Yes
On / After 1st March 2020 No

About ANA Business Flyers ™

ANA Business Flyers™ is an original membership program established by ANA for small and medium sized enterprises in Asia on ANA flights to Japan. Business travellers registered for this program will receive a reduction in the applicable fares when purchasing tickets on your local ANA website. There is no enrollment fee. Please take this opportunity to register.

Participation Qualifications

The program will stop accepting new applicants from 21st February 2020

Small and medium sized enterprises, that are not sellers of travel, with a business entity duly registered in Philippines that agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this program with the required minimum travel spend on flights to Japan and have completed the registration process.

Small and medium sized enterprises with an existing corporate or incentive agreement with ANA are not eligible to participate in this program. Please note that participation in this program will not be guaranteed by registration completion. Each traveling employee must be enrolling in ANA Mileage Club (AMC) when making reservations using the benefits of this program.

Information about ANA Mileage Club enrollment


Future renewal after 1st March 2020 will not be applicable, regardless of the qualifying amount.

The chart below provides the Program Discounts that enterprises will receive based on Qualifying Purchases made in the first 8 months in the previous year. ABF participants will receive 3% discount upon registration approval in the first year and will receive higher discount for the second year if their purchases exceeded the their qualifying amount during the program year.

Philippines to Japan Program Discounts

Status Silver Gold
Qualifying Purchases in the First 8 Months USD10,000-USD16,000 USD16,001 up
Program Discounts 3% 5%
Applicable Booking Classes *J, *C, C, D, Z, *Y, B, M, U, H, Q, V, W
Note *: Include Normal Carrier Fare J, C, Y

Program Term and Renewal for ANA Business Flyers ™

Future renewal after 1st March 2020 will not be applicable, regardless of the qualifying amount.

Enterprises that are approved for ABF will receive the Program Discounts Status Silver for the first year with effect from the date that registration has been approved.

Enterprises that make Qualifying Purchases in the first 8 months of USD10,000 or more during their program year will subsequently be renewed and in their second year will receive a reduction in the applicable fares they qualified for at the end of their preceding Year.

Enterprises that do not make Qualifying Purchases in the first 8 months equal to USD10,000 or more during the preceding Year will not qualify for renewal in the program and beginning with the thirteenth month after their registration approved date will no longer receive the Program Discounts.

Ticket Purpose

Tickets must be used for business travel on one-way or round trip.

Regarding Ticket Purchase

Please enter the Promotion Code provided by ANA in the promotion code section when making reservations and purchases through the ANA Philippines website.

ABF participants who fail to enter their Promotion Code will not receive a discount. Also, the Promotion Code is limited to new purchases at the ANA Philippines website and cannot be retroactively applied to previously made reservations and purchased tickets.

Promotion Code is not applicable for reservations/purchase made through any travel agencies. Any subsequent date change and refund must be made through ANA Philippines website. Any assistance required from Reservation & Call Center is subject to the standard handling fee imposed by Philippines.

ANA promotional airfare are not entitled to the ABF program discount.

Regarding Promotion Code

The program will stop accepting new applicants after 20th February 2020.

ANA Business Flyers™ desk will provide a Promotion Code around 3 weeks after the registration has been approved. The registration approval date shall effect from first day of the same or following month. The Promotion Code can be used only by an employee, owner or affiliate of the registrant.

Safeguard on Promotion Code

Promotion Code is the access key for Program Discount and bound by the registration requirements. ABF participants shall maintain in confidence and safeguard the use of Promotion Code.

ABF participants shall only disclose the Promotion Code to their employees. Employees who require access to the Promotion Code have the same confidentiality obligations. ABF participants shall be responsible and liable for any act of their own employees.

Eligible Fare / Flights

Eligible ABF purchases must be for ANA flight from Philippines to Japan as offered for sale through the ANA Philippines website. Not eligible on solely Japanese domestic flights, and single flights originating in Japan or other Asia countries. Fuel surcharge, insurance surcharge, and government imposed taxes and fees are not included in the Program Discount and Qualifying Purchases.

Ticket booking and travel date must be within the applicable program period.

Reviewing the Travelling & Spending Record

You can review your company's travelling & spending record through ANA Business Flyers Log-in Site.